Pina is truly a gifted intuitive and healer. I booked a session with her while I was in the middle of an auto-immune flare which was causing pain in my spine as well as in specific muscle areas. She spent a lot of time preparing a personalized treatment plan for me, asked a lot of questions to make sure her treatment was specific to my issues, and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my sessions. I consider myself an optimistic skeptic and went into my sessions with this mentality. I really wanted to see if it would work and not just convince myself that it would. I was shocked! For about two days after the sessions I was completely pain free! This NEVER happens during a flare. Each treatment continued to help as well as her intuitive advice on other area that may need to be addressed. After 4 sessions, one per week, my flare was gone. She absolutely was a huge part of my healing and would strongly recommend her to anyone with pain issues.


May 2018

Pina is a very talented, gifted and intuitive healer! My experience with Acutonics came at a time in my life that has been all about transformation, growth, and spiritual awareness! We consulted together about what I wanted to work on and any issues I might be having at that time that needed to be honed in on.

I had been experiencing pain in an area of my back for most of my adult life, it was a symptom of extreme childhood trauma that would sometimes get so bad it couldn't even be touched. I realized after my first treatment, that this pain was as much as an emotional/mental pain as it was a physical pain. My first treatment opened my eyes to something that I thought 4 years of deep therapy took care of. Each treatment I felt that connection to past trauma being lifted away and cleared! I found myself being more open to my spiritual guides messages, even having clear insight during a session. Now, I feel less anxiety, I'm triggered less often and have chosen to never allow the past to interfere with my now!

I have always suffered from food/chemical sensitivities, and this was another thing we wanted to address during the sessions. I noticed by my 4th session I was having less flare-ups and felt more clear headed. I was able to focus better, felt more balanced in mind/spirit/body, and have had many new creative ideas to build my business! I will be going back to Pina again when I am feeling I need a "tune-up"! Give her a try, you will love her!



April 2018

Pina is an amazing healer. My sessions with her were extremely beneficial. She took the time talk with me before each healing to understand my concerns or issues. I felt great after leaving my appointments! She connects so easily with others and is such a warm kind soul.


Feb 2018

I strongly believe that there are many healers in this world. I also strongly believe that there are many different healing modalities. Pina is both a strong healer and leader.

When I first went to see her, I was going through a dark time. Feeling stuck. Not really having a sense of direction, passion or purpose. over the 6 weeks, doing 4 Acutonic (tuning forks) sessions, there were amazing shifts.

These shifts help me to realign with my body. And I was able to work through some old feelings that were dragging my body and spirit down.

Its a relaxing treatment, using the pressure points in your body much like acupressure, only with out the needles.


Jan 2018

I had never heard of Reiki when a friend mentioned it to me, and I was honestly a bit skeptical. I was willing to give anything a try though because I suffer from multiple chronic autoimmune illnesses, and have never found relief from several symptoms. When I visited Pina for the first time, she was so easy to talk to. She was very attentive, understanding, and somehow very calming. She made me feel comfortable right away. 
The session was surprisingly very relaxing. (It's very difficult for me to fully relax.) Immediately after the session I felt like I just had a massage, but I was also energized at the same time. I was hooked after the first session, and I think I even fell asleep in one of the following sessions because I was so relaxed. Reiki will definitely be a part of my healing process moving forward.


April 2017

I love Pina's reiki treatments! They have helped me heal along my spiritual journey. She is kind and professional. Her space is soothing and she personalizes each treatment. I would highly recommend her services. She is a blessing!


April 2017

I had been struggling with some emotional trauma and "letting go" of negative energy when Pina reached out to me about Reiki. After the first session I felt lighter and happier; a feeling that stayed with me for about a week.

I have been attending regular sessions for several months now, as Reiki has become an important part of my self-care routine. Pina has a very gentle, nurturing personality that is soothing and inspiring. She always takes time to consult about my concerns or goals, and she also gives me her intuitive insight once the session is over. I always leave feeling peaceful and less stressed. She is a gifted healer whom I consider to be a blessing to my life!


April 2017