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Life gets busy and we are faced with many challenges different stages of our lives.  These challenges come in different forms and can affect our Mind & Body!

Sometimes we don’t have time to slow down so that we can deal with the stresses that life may bring. Instead, we try to forget or think we will deal with it later until our body starts showing symptoms. That is usually our sign that we need to STOP and take some time for OURSELVES!

Pina Chouhan Nagar

Holistic Treatments in Wokingham

Acutonics Vibrational Sound Therapy


Acutonics Vibrational Sound Therapy works closely with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tuning forks are placed on Acupuncture points, Chakra points and Energy field of the body to bring the person back to a healthy balance and aid in Healing.  

The clients needs are discussed and a treatment plan is formed.  During the treatment the clients usually falls asleep which allows the healing to take place.  The vibrations and sounds from the Tuning Fork are soothing to the Mind, Body and Soul.



Reflexology is a hands on treatment.  Light pressure is applied to the soles of the feet.  The feet are mapped out of the whole body, so by applying light pressure on the reflex points on the feet, aids in relaxation, healing and allowing the 'chi' to move with ease.

During this treatment clients will feel a sense of relaxation and calmness.  As we are clearing and moving the energy along it is important to drink water after so you can cleanse out of the body's system, this is a form of detoxification that occurs after the treatment.



Reiki is a Japanese form of Healing, life force energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client.  The energy flows through the body healing physical and mental traumas and support mental clarity and spiritual well- being. This form of healing clears the energy that is stagnated and brings the body into balance.  

Overall wellbeing and feeling relaxed is experienced after the treatment which can also carry on over the next few days.

Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing is a therapeutic and a relaxing treatment. Crystals with different vibrations and properties are placed on the client to bring healing, remove stagnated energy and balance the Mind, Body and Soul.   You will experience feeling lighter, energised and clear. 

Chakras are checked and brought back into balance to support the person to be grounded and feeling whole again.

Tarot Reading


Tarot cards are tools that provide an insight to your life path. Intuitive messages are recieved for guidance, clarity and vision of your current situation or near future. 


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